Asiability is an advisory firm that helps companies do better business with China.

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Our Experience

Asiability’s team has over 150 years’ experience working with China. Our team have worked at the highest levels of government and business, dating back to 1973. With unparalleled experience of the Chinese market, China trade and China exporting we can help your business achieve its ambitions. We do not have a rose-tinted view of China - rather, we are experienced pragmatists.

Why Us?

Our understanding, insights and connections with China stem from decades of in-country experience of the Chinese market. This, coupled with our contemporary, balanced research which draws equally on Chinese and Western sources, sets us apart from many "China Hawks".

All members of our team have worked in China and have delivered a range of business outcomes, from building distribution networks that delivered over £6bn p.a. of China trade revenues; negotiating aerospace deals; leading professional service firms; and providing executive education to help senior western executives deliver their China exporting goals.

We know first hand there is a big difference between theory and practice and that it is the combination of both that enables people to deliver.

Whatever your current or future business with China, it is likely that our team have worked on similar opportunities and challenges before. 

Our Mission

We believe good trade and investment is the fabric of geopolitical peace and prosperity. Our mission is to facilitate good business with China by providing clients the knowledge and networks they need to succeed. 

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